Workshop on “ADR Mechanisms” for Judicial Officers, Lawyers, Mediators and professional solicitors

This workshop holds profound significance in the present judicial landscape, addressing the pressing needs of our legal system.  This will help equip judicial officers with a deep understanding of ADR, encompassing its intricate workings, multifaceted benefits, and inherent limitations.

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What you will learn
  • Sensitizing about ADR mechanisms
  • Effective mediation and arbitration techniques
  • Skill development
  • Implication of ADR
Course Content
1 Lectures

2:30 hr total length

A workshop on “ADR Mechanisms”
2:30 hr

A workshop on “ADR Mechanisms” 


This program is designed for Judicial Officers, Members of bar, mediators and arbitrators.


The workshop is aimed at raising awareness among the participants regarding Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms, including their functioning, advantages, and constraints. The workshop provided an opportunity for the participants to gain practical insights into proficient mediation and arbitration techniques and acquire essential skills. This workshop will help play a pivotal role in enhancing the abilities of judges to efficiently handle and refer disputes, enhance their decision-making capabilities, and ultimately enhance access to justice.

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2:30 hr


20-Dec-2023 - 28-Feb-2024



Resource Persons:

Raja Jahanzaib Akhtar


Judicial Officers