About us .


Federal Judicial Academy is the premier judicial education institution of Pakistan. It was initially established under a Government Resolution in September 1988. Currently, it is functioning under the Federal Judicial Academy Act, 1997 at its campus located at sector H-8/4, Islamabad.


1. Orientation and training of new judges, magistrates, law officers and court personnel;
2. In- service training and education of judges, magistrates, law officers, court personnel;
3. Holding of conferences, seminars, workshops and symposia for improvement of the judicial system and quality of judicial work;
4. Publishing of journals, memoirs, research papers and reports;


A Board of Governors, with the Chief Justice of Pakistan as its Chairman, has been provided for general supervision of its affairs and fulfillment of its aims and objects. The management of the Academy is carried out under the general directions of the Board, by the Director General, who is the Principal Accounting Officer as well as academic and administrative head of the Federal Judicial Academy.


Federal Judicial Academy employs standard adult learning techniques and participatory approaches for its training activities. It includes classroom lectures by judges, jurists and scholars, supplemented by panel discussions, scenarios, simulations, problem solving and case studies with reference to landmark judgments of the superior courts, involving issues both pertaining to substantive and procedural law.

Syndicate discussions, baseline investigation surveys and individual command tasks form substantive part of the training methodology. It aims at providing an opportunity to the participants to interact and exchange their knowledge and experience with one another; which helps analyse and articulate current juridical issues.